30 Summer Farmhouse Decor Laundry Room – To Pile or Not To Pile?

Summer farmhouse decor laundry room 30

Laundry rooms are with no doubt, a service area, but they are sometimes appealing, vibrant, and practical spaces. In two recent instances, I confronted with the question of whether or not to pile the washer and drier. In the first scenario, stacking has been an efficient program. Given the open area, an extremely awkward room within the garage.

Eliminating a deep and poorly manicured shelf has been the first sensible thing to do. What sounded like a fantastic idea in concept was catastrophic in practice.

When the shelf was eliminated, it had been apparent that stacking the washer and drier was the solution to this awkward area. Space, once occupied by the washer, has been accessible for easy-to-reach thin shelves to maintain laundry goods in easy reach of an individual of almost any height.

Side by side or stacked

The next laundry room was an improvement added to the modern room. Inside this area, the dryer and washer may be helpful either side by side or stacked. Stacking the appliances, in this case, improved the storage capability of this space. Since tall people could get cabinets above the washer and drier readily, piling would allow the room to get a tall cupboard that anybody can reach for cleaning or laundry solutions.

In this second scenario, piling enabled more visual distance and made space for a table or desk, including yet another definite benefit. This laundry area provides a corridor into the backyard and terrace in which the homeowners maintain summer parties. As another bonus, this distance creates a fantastic landing place for meals, buffet style, maintaining insects off and outside the ready foods.

Shifting the old door with windows at the top half to get a doorway with a full window at the top to bottom. And flooding the space with light makes it feel much roomier. Granite countertops and many more windows would reply to a lot of small room issues if they can be designed to match in the remodeling strategy.

Stacking the laundry produces a whole lot of sense for most programs. Still, side by side appliances permits to get a countertop for fold, if you’re fortunate enough to have windows over the machines for lighting and airflow and don’t need to reach upper cabinets.


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