30 Stylish Bedside Tables That Will Dream You At Night

Stylish bedside tables that will dream you at night 22

Tips for Choosing the Right Bedside Table

Bedside tables are added furniture to any bedroom. It provides the ideal space for an alarm clock or reading light. Here are some tips for you to consider before you buy.

What are you going to do with it?

Think about what you will do with having a bedside table. Is it for displaying your reading books and alarm clock? A small bedside table without drawers will do the trick.

But if you want to hide your cosmetics, remote control, and documents, even if you’re going to put a lamp or phone in there, then what you need is a bigger bedside table with drawers or shelves.

What kind of design should you choose?

Try to choose a bedside table that can complement other bedroom furniture. For example, in a traditional-style bedroom, a wooden bedside table design or one painted with antique details such as a brass handle will match perfectly. As for the modern style, the bedside table in a simple manner and clean lines adds more to the contemporary atmosphere.

A matching table on both sides of the bed will create a symmetrical look that’s charming and smart while also accentuating a boutique hotel’s style.

You can choose a bold design if you want to make an impression, like a high gloss or mirror bedside table. Or choose a white bedside table that blends with the background, which will highlight your bed as the main focal point.

What are the shape and sizes?

Make sure the bedside table of your choice does not interfere with other room furniture. For that, first, measure the space next to the bed and nearby furniture.

Round bedside tables are often wider than square tables, so make sure you have plenty of space next to your bed.

Are there other options?

There are also beds equipped with attached bedside tables while creating a misleading impression. Again, you can try it, and usually, it will save you more money than buying additional furniture.

If there is not enough space available, you can attach a small shelf or basket to the wall. It provides more free space than a bedside table.

Another way you can create bedside space for lamps and alarm clocks is to replace a table with a chair, old suitcase, or a pile of decorative storage boxes.


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